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Meet Martin

Martin's true passion and primary focus lie in creating impactful behavioural change for both teams and individuals. Over the course of many years and across diverse geographies, including the UK, US, Israel, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, he has consistently delivered transformative outcomes within numerous corporate organisations.

Today, Martin collaborates with corporate entities and small-medium enterprises, developing effective strategies tailored to meet the unique demands of each client's business. He works hand-in-hand with internal behavioural development initiatives, aligning efforts to maximize outcomes where appropriate.

Our Approach

Our primary focus is creating impactful change in team and individual behaviour in various contexts. Every individual has the potential to learn and grow, and we strive to make every encounter meaningful and empowering for all our clients.

We provide a safe and inclusive space where all clients feel comfortable sharing their experiences and perspectives. We foster critical insight and behavioural flexibility to enable our clients to adapt, and we are committed to ensuring that our services are accessible to all. 


Learn how to navigate doubts and uncertainties effectively to achieve the goals you've always wanted to


Create collaborative environments that foster trust, synergy, and co-creation within your team


Leverage opportunities for self-discovery and longterm


Utilise change as a catalyst for growth and transformation within yourself


Frequently Asked Questions

In coaching, progress hinges on several factors: establishing clear goals, fostering self-awareness, receiving regular feedback, implementing behavioral changes, and celebrating achievements along the way.

How will I know if I am making progress?

Our coaches are seasoned professionals with expertise in executive coaching and leadership development. They hold certifications from reputable organisations and boast a proven track record of success in helping leaders achieve their goals.

What qualifications & experiences do your coaches have?

Coaching sessions vary in frequency based on your needs and availability. Typically bi-weekly or monthly, allowing consistent progress and time for reflection. Yet, the exact schedule is agreed upon between you and your coach.

How often will I meet with my coach?

In coaching, flexibility and open communication  is crucial. Your coach provides support and guidance throughout this process, enabling coaching to resume with renewed focus on achieving updated objectives.

What if I want to change my goals  midway through?

I had never worked directly with a coach before, but I decided to take a chance with the MSIG as I wanted to push myself regarding some life goals that I had set. I heard about Martin's coaching services through a friend and decided to engage him. I invested in a program of six coaching sessions, and the journey was transformational and very insightful. The sessions were very professional and supportive, and I came out with more clarity and better focus. I would highly recommend his coaching services.  

Experienced and dynamic HR professional

Shola Adejonwo
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