• Collaboration Mindset
    03/06/2019 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments
    Collaborative Mindset

    Have you noticed the word 'disruption' as well as overused, seems ill-equipped to describe the situation in the global financial sector?

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  • Teamwork
    01/05/2019 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments

    I am often asked the question, 'What are the essential ingredients to an effective team?'

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  • Wisdom of Uncertainty
    08/04/2019 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments
    Wisdom of Uncertainty

    Framed on my desk, I stared at this quote for many years, more a muse than anything else, until the day I found out, I was being made redundant.

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  • Imposter Syndrome
    01/03/2019 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments
    Imposter Syndrome

    "You can only be yourself; Everyone else is already taken" 

    - Oscar Wilde

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  • Breakthroughs
    07/02/2019 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments

    Recently I attended a Gartner event, which discussed in essence, the trends and demands of a digitally enabled product and service offering, for the businesses of today.

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  • Interesting Times
    19/12/2018 - Martin Sealy 0 Comments
    Interesting Times

    In a year, where regardless of your take on life...

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