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“An extraordinary coach”

“A great team who have the ability to manage and build exceptional client relationships, which ultimately leads to outstanding results for the company and great benefit to their clients.  Fundamentally, Martin is able to listen to people and understand very quickly what makes them tick.  He embodies the 'trusted advisor' approach with the benefit that it comes naturally to him.  Time spent with the team at  MS Impact Group and being in their presence will only help people around them grow and develop.  Martin makes an extraordinary coach and mentor.”

Senior Executive, Vodafone™ / Microsoft™ - UK

5 star review

“A naturally gifted coach”

“I was really impressed by the coaches from MS Impact Group.  They have a strong leadership style and are naturally gifted coaches:  With Martin's guidance I realised that I was performing at a higher level than I previously imagined was possible. With his structured approach to the business - emphasis on knowing your customer and factual qualification of every opportunity - Martin is undoubtedly an asset to any organisation.”

International Account Executive - France

5 star review

“A strategic thinker”

“The team at MS Impact Group Limited are talented, intelligent, and gifted individuals with the ability to intuitively read situations and people.  They are strategic thinkers, visionary, and know how to focus and identify the real objectives in each interaction or situation.  Using their lifetime experiences, and their  rich working experience with people across the globe.  They have  a great ability to quickly define clear plans and steps to meet others’ objectives.  Martin is a very calm and self-controlled person with great interpersonal and soft skills, which helps him to think clearly and analyse complex and stressful situations.  Most of all, I see many that use Martin as a coach or advisor for both personal and professional situations.”

Group Director at Netcracker - Switzerland

5 star review

“A key motivational ingredient”

“Martin is exceptional and very intuitive with the customer’s needs, and has the right calibre to build direct relationships at the CXO level.  His professionalism and coaching skills are a key motivational ingredient.”

Regional Manager - Dubai

5 star review

Natural born coach

“Martin is a natural born Coach : great listening, clear and purposeful thinking, and powerful questioning! 

In a complex and chaotic world, Martin was truly helpful in helping me to determine where I want to go, and defining the next steps.”

Director After - Sales , ZTE Orange Global Accounts

Excellent Coaching

“My experience with the MS Impact Group Limited has been excellent.  I have learnt so much about delegating, being a leader and how to manage my workload.  Martin's expertise has made a big difference to the future growth of the charity.”

CEO - Powerlist Foundation

5 star review


“Always benefit a great deal from the insights that my sessions bring to bear.”

Project Manager - BSS Software


“Martin is very professional in his approach and detailed in his planning.  Martin has a wide range of experience in the corporate world which, he brings to bear in his coaching.  Martin's approach to coaching has been beneficial to me and I would recommend his services.”

Mr Mustafa

5 star review

“Coaching Skills of the team from MS Impact Group Limited

“Martin's coaching skills are unparalleled and I can honestly say that working with him has had a transformational impact on my outlook and performance.  In particular I would highlight the rare combination of professionalism coupled with empathy which he brings to a coaching relationship, it is this which allows him to build trust and understanding with clients at a pace which is startling.  Each conversation with Martin leaves me with a clarity of purpose and sense of self belief, as well a series of frameworks to use to ensure long-lasting change in my approach.  I am certain that I will still consider the work I am currently undertaking with Martin to be the most impactful of my career, even 30 years from now.”

Senior Head of Digital Marketing - The Prince's Trust

5 star review

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