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What Our Clients Say

Working with Martin, having the opportunity to discuss these dilemmas with someone who not only comprehends the unique challenges coaches encounter but also instils a

profound sense of trust, where judgment is absent, has been truly invaluable for me.

The strategies I cultivated through our discussions have seamlessly integrated

into my daily routine, impacting not only my professional life but also my

personal life in profound ways.


Executive Coach


My initial starting point with Martin was very professional. There was a clear introduction of what I should expect. He informed me that although the sessions would be titled “Coaching supervision”, he explained further that I should see it as a journey of reflective practice. I was given an opportunity to state how I would like to be engaged and to understand the learning style that I am comfortable with. I have genuine respect for Martin's professionalism and ability to make me comfortable in exploring options for any problems that I brought to the sessions.


Mediator | HR practitioner


I have loved every single second of working with Martin. Martin has inspired me through our coaching sessions with his wise words, kindness, and positive energy. Martin is the kind of coach that will support you to become a better version of yourself and help you to look at situations through a new lens. Thank you for the journey of self-discovery, empowerment and all the tools. I highly recommend working with Martin.


Chief Operating Officer


Martin coached me through a period of uncertainty for me and was fantastically skilled. He had a quiet presence that was both encouraging and insightful. I'm looking forward to getting to know Martin better through the ICF, where he is an accredited coach - and know that anyone who is lucky enough to get to work with him will also benefit from their time with Martin.

The skill of MS Impact Group is not just their ability to motivate to greater performance - which they do elegantly and effortlessly. They helped me understand the heart of my small business, which went on to inform an authentic brand presence. Our work together was inspirational and lives on in keeping my personal and business goals aligned and congruent.


Author | Business Owner


Martin coached me for six sessions, and I am grateful for such a transformational journey for me. Martin clearly held the space for me to reflect, think, and show up as I truly am. With Martin's calm pace and reflection on what he observed in me, I felt safe in this partnership and deeply cared about it. Besides seeing Martin following the highest of professional standards, I felt listened to, and simultaneously I feel I have expanded my learning zone! Thank you for being such an incredible partner in my life-changing journey!

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