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Personal Development


One idea of individual change is achieving it by becoming more of who you already are. The exploration of your potential for growth can be the most rewarding of all journeys, by stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to grow.



"Be the change you want to see in the world" 

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~


Together with our dedicated partners, we work collaboratively with you to find the right strategies to address your unique situation and circumstances.  Using proven psychometric and behavioural analysis to create insights in order to further your opportunity for growth. 

What We Offer

  • Bespoke Impact Assessment report reflecting your current situation.   

  • Bespoke Impact Model for change to meet your personal and professional aspirations.       

  • A comprehensive feedback process to enable you to remain mindful of your progress and take stock of your new world view at every stage of your journey.

Engagements, Features and Benefits 


Making the right Impact on the things that are important to you.  Whatever you are looking for we design our approach to fit your needs. Empowering you to create your own models of success, inspired by your passion, in keeping with your sense of purpose.

Your Voice, Your Impact

  • MS Impact Group is founded on the premise, we are all on this earth to make a difference.  By enabling our clients to develop their public speaking skills, we ensure their voice is heard and their stories told.    

  • Whether you are a newly appointed Manager, a Director wanting to stand out from the rest or a Business owner looking to represent your business in a meaningful way; wherever your starting point we can help you tell your story. 

  • We provide bespoke programs to make certain you have the skills and the confidence to ensure your voice is heard, regardless of situation or context.  We accompany you on your journey to safeguard your desired results.

Results we are known for

Common themes our clients have enjoyed, and the difference we strive for in each engagement.

  • Safe space to think big - We support and challenge you to be your best.  Enabling you to explore your imagination and test boundaries.  We help you to build your confidence and effectiveness when you need it most.   


  • Working with - Our team of experienced senior executives, business owners, mentors, consultants and trainers with international track records.  Accredited coaches with a passion for lifelong learning and growth.  

  • Achievement of tangible results - Progressing from exploration through to decision making and action, we help you tackle challenges and build positive momentum around the program objectives.  The change will be tangible in order to track the return on investment at every stage.

What Our Clients Say

Executive Coach, California, USA

“MS Impact Group helped me develop important speeches for my business and professional development. They helped me find a way to share a very personal story in an effective way to have a positive impact on the audience."

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