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Effective Teams


Together with our dedicated partners, we work collaboratively with you, to find the right strategies to address your unique situation and circumstances. Using proven team methodologies and 360 degree team behavioural analysis to create insights to further your opportunity for growth. 

"The world, as we have created it, is a process of our thinking.  

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking"

~ Albert Einstein ~

What We Offer

  • 360 degree team Impact assessment report based on your current situation and challenges. 

  • In-depth analysis of your current team culture and areas of conflict.

  • Collaborative Impact Model for change, based on your desired outcomes for the team and the wider stakeholders.  

  • A comprehensive feedback process to enable you to monitor the progress of the team against dynamic changes in the team environment.  

  • Embedded methodology for continuous self-correction and improvement.

Engagements, Features and Benefits


Trust is the core foundation on which successful teams thrive. Our mission is to co-create an environment where psychological safety is made possible for any team as a by-product of our engagement in order to fulfil its purpose.  Whatever you are looking for we design our approach to fit your team needs.


What you will gain working with us


Common themes our clients have enjoyed, and the difference we strive for in each engagement


  • Partnering with the team leader to create a step-change in how a group of individuals become an effective team.

  • Achieve tangible benefits inspired by a team that impacts the organisation through a wider systems perspective.

  • Transform the performance and accountability of the team, in line with the demands of all its stakeholders.

What our clients experience

  • Achievement of a consistent and sustained growth mindset as part of the team culture.

  • Transition from traditional dogma to innovative ideas that address today's business context.

  • Increased cohesion and collaboration in multi-cultural, diverse teams across the globe.

  • The enablement and adoption of best business practice internally, to satisfy stakeholders and clients externally.

There are no limits, just your willingness to explore the collective wisdom of your teams through the journey we take together.

What Our Clients Say

Director / Strategist, Legal Profession - UK

"A true asset to any team"

“A rare combination of skills and intelligence, coupled with a strong sense of integrity, will enable Martin to succeed in a wide variety of professional environments. An excellent listener, Martin is able to quickly get to the heart of the issue, and sensitively work to resolve problems, while all the time building and strengthening relationships. He would be a true asset to any team, whether as a colleague, advisor, leader, or advocate, and time spent with Martin always pays dividends.”

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